The Sports Cardiology Digital Collection (2018)

Edited by André La Gerche, Dhrubo Rakhit, A.R. Denniss
30 August 2018

André La Gerche and Dhrubo Rakhit, Special Issue: Sports Cardiology Guest Editors, Heart, Lung and Circulation, and A. Robert Denniss, Editor-in-Chief, Heart, Lung and Circulation. This year marks the first time that Heart, Lung and Circulation has commissioned a Special Issue entitled Sports Cardiology, to showcase the rapid progress made by experts in this field over the last decade. The diversity of this unique sub-speciality is reflected in the broad range of topics covered which include pathophysiology of athlete’s heart, sudden cardiac death in athletes and the impact of drugs in sport. To acknowledge the significant advances in sports cardiology, we are now launching a virtual archive called The Sports Cardiology Digital Collection. With this, we aim to highlight the most notable papers in sports cardiology research and practice published in the Journal within the last few years. The collection is split into four main areas which include 1) cardiac screening; 2) possible adverse effects of exercise; 3) inherited arrhythmic conditions and, 4) a comprehensive compilation of guidelines for the management of inherited cardiac conditions. This new venture, supported by the CSANZ, was launched at the Annual Scientific Meeting in Brisbane. We are delighted to recommend both The Sports Cardiology Digital Collection, and the Special Issue, Sports Cardiology, to our readers.

Screening and ECG Guidelines

  • Should Pre-participation Cardiovascular Screening for Competitive Athletes be Introduced in Australia? A Timely Debate in a Sport-loving Nation

    André La Gerche, Andrew I. MacIsaac, David L. Prior
    Vol. 20, Issue 10
    Published in issue: October 2011
  • New International Guidelines for the Interpretation of the Electrocardiograph in Athletes: a “Traffic Light” Tool for Maximising Diagnostic Specificity

    Saurabh Kumar, Jonathan M. Kalman, André La Gerche
    Vol. 26, Issue 11
    Published in issue: November 2017

Detrimental Effects of Exercise

Inherited Arrhythmic Conditions

Guidelines for Management of Inherited Conditions